Carolyn & Matt

When Carolyn and Matt got engaged, they knew right away they needed a wedding planner. At the time, Matt lived out of state and Carolyn traveled a lot for work, so they had limited time to focus on planning their wedding day. We “clicked” right away the first time we met, and we all grew close during the 18 months of planning…and I’m happy to say we’re still friends to this day!

Their wedding day featured lots of memorable touches. Carolyn and Matt didn’t want to do a “first look,” but they did want to calm their nerves by spending a few private moments together before the ceremony, so they held hands and read notes to each other while standing on either side of a door. After saying “I Do,” the fun began with pickleback shots (a favorite of the couple) that were served during cocktail hour, followed by great food and lots of dancing. Instead of cake, guests were treated to out-of-this-world ice cream sandwiches served from the Cookie Monstah food truck — the bride and groom even got to do some scooping!

The Exchange Conference Center ~ Boston, MA

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