Redwood and Rye Studio

I am a medical student in Vermont and my husband is a dentist in Boston, so our time is super limited, in addition to being in a long-distance relationship. Patty helped us navigate all of these challenges expertly. She knew absolutely EVERY DETAIL about our wedding during the nearly 2-year planning process!!

Julia & Tim


We planned our wedding from out of state; Patty was our in-state contact and we trusted her with everything. We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience working with her!
Erica & Ramy
Patty relieved a lot of stress and pressure from wedding planning and made the whole process fun and exciting.
Karen & Eric
Patty is as valuable a partner as you can have in helping to shape and execute your vision for a 'Perfectly Coordinated' wedding day.
Amanda & Matt
Package: Full Planning

Patty was amazing and we couldn’t have planned our dream wedding without her! Our wedding was in a different state from where we live, and Patty was instrumental in recommending vendors, coordinating communication, and keeping us on track with what was needed and when.

Deborah & David​


Jill Markley Photography

I have so much love for this amazing woman and am so grateful that she became such a dear friend of ours throughout the process of planning our wedding.
Carolyn & Matt
Where do I even begin? Patty was the glue that kept it ALL together. From the moment I started working with her, she was always on top of the details, keeping me on schedule and asking me all of the right questions. ​
Colleen & Al
PACKAGE: Day-of Coordination
Patty especially shined as we got closer to our wedding day, helping to keep all of our vendors on the same page and making sure they were good to go for our big day.
Justin & Thomas
PACKAGE: Day-of Coordination

You can tell Patty’s one of those people who has really found her calling, and is doing exactly what she loves to do. I can’t stress enough how wonderful she was, and how our stress level did a complete 180 from the day before we met her, to our wedding day.

Allyson & Adam​


Even if you think you can do it all yourself, it really makes the day so much more enjoyable when you know that someone else has things under control. I highly recommend booking Patty!
Erica & Scott
I'm so glad we found her, it made the final weeks (where it gets the most stressful) much more manageable and I appreciated her help and advice in the year leading up to that point! She's a very sweet person and knows what she's doing!
Maxine & Justin​
PACKAGE: Day-of Coordination
Everything, from the moment we met Patty to the very last minute with her was PERFECT. Our vendors had nothing but amazing things to say when dealing with her. She made our day even more special and helped us both stay calm and grounded.
Miriam & Marc
PACKAGE: Day-of Coordination

Patty was a wizard at getting things done, and was super flexible in allowing me to be involved in the parts I wanted to be and taking care of the rest when I was overwhelmed. I enthusiastically recommend that you hire her — she’ll make the wedding planning process seamless & fun!​

Jessie & Brandon​


Esra Y Photography

If you hire her you will get the best care and attention on the big things but you should trust her on the little things too because she knows her stuff and will make your day a wonderful reflection of what you envision -- and it will run smoothly with no stress!
Lydia & Jonathan
Patty is an incredible planner and we can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She reminded us about many things we would have forgotten, she had to-do lists for everything, and she made sure everything was planned as perfect as we wanted it to be. We were lucky to have her.
Sally & Jean
Package: Full Planning
Patty is a force of nature! With her help, our big day turned out to be PERFECT! She expertly guided us through this crazy wedding world -- I can't imagine going through this process without her. Do yourself a favor and work with this amazing woman!
Vanessa & Craig
Package: Partial Planning